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Lewis Smith & Co. – Getting Ready for Our New Offices

Lewis Smith & Co. are well established in Dudley, which is an ideal location because it allows the company to serve clients across the Black Country. The trouble is the existing offices are just not big enough to allow the firm to cope with the growth in its client base. So Lewis Smith & Co…. Read more »

New Green Car Tax Regulations – Some You Win…

We all want to go green don’t we? And the Government is very keen to try and encourage us to switch to cars that have reduced CO2 emissions and use less fuel. In case you didn’t notice, a number of changes to the way company cars can be offset against tax came into play in… Read more »

Avoid the minimum wage penalties

Did you know that since 6th April 2009 employers will face a penalty if HMRC discovers that they haven’t paid the national minimum wage? At the same time workers who have’t received the proper amount are entitled to have arrears of wages repaid. HMRC has given its officers new inspection powers and you may have… Read more »

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

We are really pleased to have been able to support one of our clients, Alun Nicholas (a chartered architect) in an unusual charity escapade. Alun has spent the last two and half years growing his hair to raise money for The Little Princess Trust and Acorns Children’s Hospice. The process has caused some grief: partly… Read more »

Pictures in the Post – The Birmingham Post

Lewis Smith & Co., leading Dudley accountants, were delighted that news of the fantastic Black Country photos adorning their website has reached beyond the Black Country into neighbouring Birmingham. The Birmingham Post ran a half page feature on the photo collection, taken by award winning photographer Martin Brent, and included a great shot of Martin… Read more »

Two houses? Tell the taxman!

If you do have two properties then it is very important to let HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) know as part of your CGT (Capital Gains Tax) planning. You probably know that your main residence is exempt from CGT. You may not have been aware of a couple of other useful pieces of information. Firstly… Read more »

Lewis Smith & Co. Fire Up Big Acquisition!

Craig Beale, Lewis Smith & Co. partner and M&A expert, has just helped 2 Black Country entrepreneurs in a million pound acquisition of a leading player in the Automatic Sprinklers market. Simon Jesson and Richard Pipe had been planning to acquire Fire Security (Sprinkler Installations) Ltd more than a year ago but found themselves struggling… Read more »